Time Flies…

Posted on August 7, 2013 by Diane in TEFL Experience, Trainee Travels

Well it is about six weeks now and in some ways it seems a lot longer. Whether that is good or bad I am yet to decide upon.  School remains a lovely place to work with helpful supportive teachers and really nice children. It was great today after getting a first year class to write a group story. Yes there had been a fait amount of  ‘scaffolding’ to make this possible but the outcome was pretty impressive by any standards. Still hits me what an impressive level of English they have.

Outside of school remains fairly similar as always. It rains a lot and TV and the Internet continue to be the main source of entertainment. Sad but true. It must be doing wonders for me physically though as I sleep a lot earlier  than I ever have done possibly in the whole of my life.

I must be getting healthier cos I am losing weight and that mountain side walk doesnt destroy me as much as it did. What seemed like an eternity before to reach the top is actually in real terms quite a short walk. Not that I am considering taking up hoill walking, hiking or trekking at any time in the near future.

Weekend looming at I think the high point could well be a visit to the market (again), Who would have thought vegetables could have so much appeal?!

Oh yes may also have to brush up on the phonetic alphabet as it has been mentioned that I might need to use that patricular skill in the very near future. Not something I would be saying if I hadn’t undertaken the Trinity and not sure if brush up fully describes how much I will need to look over things again.

Well need to get some sleep another early start tomorrow. See if I can resist the tasty fried pastries at the local shop. They are great for breakfast.




  1. Hi Diane, Great to hear about your life in Myanmar. Keep writing and share some photos! 🙂


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