The TEFL industry – the best way to start your new career post-redundancy

Posted on July 17, 2013 by admin in TEFL Jobs, Why TEFL?

The typical scenario, you arrived at work thinking everything is fine – just as it has been like any other day. Only today you might have found out you have become unemployed for some reason. Maybe because of the global economic crisis, company cutbacks or economic reforms. Maybe you have just been laid off? What will you do now? Are you searching for a new career? Why not try Teaching English as a Foreign Language in the TEFL industry.

If you’re looking for a new career, then why not go for it. Do you have BA, MBA or PHD? If you are a graduate with a university degree, a TEFL course can help you to find a new direction in life. You can become an English teacher in a country you have always dreamed of visiting. You might ask – how do I start? Where do you look for TEFL courses?  Where are they offered? After I take a TEFL course can I start teaching in the TEFL industry  right away? These along with hundreds of other questions can be answered properly once you make a decision to enter the TEFL industry.

A TEFL course prepares an individual to Teach English as a Foreign Language at schools, universities and private institutions. The course also provides fundamental information about the daily challenges that you might encounter in the classroom and in the country you choose to teach in. After you have taken a TEFL course you can begin to apply for 100’s of thousands of jobs available around the world throughout the TEFL industry.

The TEFL industry provides a lifestyle completely different from the rat-race you are used to. The industry is thriving and exciting – there will be no job cuts looming over you and your colleagues will be exciting and vibrant people. In the TEFL industry you truly make a difference. You give your students the gift of language and help them grow along their English learning journey. This provides a great sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. Not only will your work life improve in the TEFL industry but your life outside of work could improve too. You can immerse yourself in a new culture and experience all that a country has to offer in terms of free-time activities. Your pace of life could improve – particularly if you choose to teach in a country which is more relaxed and laid back.

If you are looking to start fresh after redundancy then a career in the TEFL industry may be the perfect career move for you.

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