The long weekend

Posted on July 19, 2013 by Diane in TEFL Experience, Trainee Travels

The first time I have really stopped in ages. Travelling around the world  does wear you out after a while. Now I have  a four day holiday and my first day has been spent doing very little. Discovered BBC channel on the satellite so have overdosed on old AbFabs and discovered Lead Balloon with Jack Dee who I used to find really funny  years back. Then watched Corrie on ITV Choice. Seriously here I am in  a new country and it has been great doing nothing. Sitting on the balcony now and listening to the sounds from the town below. It is really dark and the bats will probably start flying soon.  The weather is really good though cold enough to be comfortable but warm enough to be outside. Am off to tackle the market tomorrow in search of green vegetables. Seems  a small thing to do but my language abilities are  below useless presently so it will be  a challenge. Second challenge will be getting back up the mountain side with my purchases without passing out.

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