TESOL certification – why you should get it if you’re already teaching.

Posted on July 17, 2013 by admin in TEFL TESOL Courses, Trinity CertTESOL, Why TEFL?

It is of great importance that someone who is teaching TEFL overseas, that they acquire one of the standard TESOL certification qualifications for teaching English as a foreign language. By taking the one of many TESOL certification qualifications  it helps a teacher to greatly understand the proper protocol and procedure for teaching in a classroom of non-native speakers.

All TESOL certification courses offer grammar review, intensive training, future insight and methodology review that might be put to use when a teacher is in the classroom setting. It is invaluable that a teacher understands grammar teaching as well as that review is crucial because a TESOL certification course explains how learners are able to properly comprehend the many tasks at hand. If a Teacher is teaching TEFL without the understanding of optional or most suitable pedagogic methods they risk the possibility of students not be being able to use the language functionally in the future. This sets a student up in some way or another for failure. TESOL certification training without a doubt provides a greater understanding and insight into a teachers limits so they know exactly how the student might want to learn.

TESOL certification courses also provide hands on instructional training that encourages a student to teacher rapport with the main goal of getting proper results. These courses can also help to coordinate and teach instructions in order to secure proper classroom behaviour and classroom management components. With a TESOL certification a Teacher will be able conduct themselves with a greater confidence. There will also be an even higher underlying understanding and importance that there should mutual respect, trust and positivity in the classroom setting.

Finally, TEFL or TESOL certification will allow teachers to move up in their careers – onto doing a DELTA and then pursuing a career as a director of studies or teacher trainer. Without a TEFL or TESOL certification a career in the industry could become stagnant – something no teacher wants.

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