TEFL qualification for ex-forces personnel

Posted on November 15, 2013 by admin in Trinity CertTESOL, Why TEFL?

BFRS SupporterWhen finishing time in the army, choosing a new career path can be confusing. The experience and knowledge gained can be put to very good use in many different positions. For those who have trained and worked in the armed forces, teaching is a great new career path. There are many characteristics of service men and women that are also apparent in teachers.

Teaching is a very rewarding career; progression of others can be great to watch. Many skills gained in the army can prove very useful in teaching. Communication is notably better with those who have been in the forces, this is very important when teaching in the classroom and gaining a TEFL qualification would allow individuals to transfer those skills to another worthy cause.

Both self-assessment and self-progression are very important, along with the progression of students. Tracking personal development and the development of others is highly focussed on in the armed forces, just as it is in a teaching environment.

With many short-term and long-term placements available, the chance to experience many different cultures and explore different countries is possible with a TEFL qualification. One of the big benefits of gaining a Trinity CertTESOL qualification is that it is recognised internationally, facilitating the opportunity to travel.

TEFL teaching is also one of the most flexible careers available, often offering short term placements and you can often choose the time of day you work.

Completing a TEFL course does not necessarily mean that you have to travel. There are many jobs available in the UK. Due to changing laws in the UK more people applying for indefinite leave to remain are required to have a certain level of English before they can apply. There are also many people who need English for academic purposes or for gaining better employment. There are many language schools and colleges in the UK and there is a large demand for private tutors.

Being a private tutor means you can work when you want, with whom you want and for how many hours you would like per week. Discipline is very important for teaching, not only for controlling a class but to organise yourself as a teacher, to prepare and plan every lesson. This is a great skill that ex-armed forces personnel have a great aptitude for.

Eurospeak Language Schools is a supporter of BFRS (British Forces Resettlement Scheme). We want to be able to help those coming out of the armed forces gain employment and work in a job where they can contribute positively to society. Hopefully this gives you a better insight into teaching and how the qualities found in ex-forces employees can be transferred and utilised very well in the teaching profession. If you have anything to add, or are interested in completing a TESOL qualification please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to give you more information and make sure it is the right choice for you. Discounts and funding options for our TEFL courses are available for ex-service professionals.

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