TEFL funding – help from the British Council for your TEFL course

Posted on August 13, 2013 by admin in Course Experience, Trinity CertTESOL

TEFL courses can seem like a massive expense – especially when you have just finished university and the student debts are looming. However, there are ways you can access help with your TEFL funding.

One source of TEFL funding, if you are a recent graduate from a UK university (within the last 3 years), are a British national and are currently not in full time employment, is a grant from the British Council. This grant is for 50% of the course fees for a Trinity CertTESOL or a CELTA and also enables you to attend a one day event run by the British Council to give you advice on starting a career in TEFL. To be able to apply for this TEFL funding, you must already be enrolled on a future CertTESOL or CELTA course and the grant is payable after you have passed the course and attended the one day event. You can apply for the grant for any intensive or part time classroom course being provided by a Trinity or Cambridge accredited provider. The application process for the next round of grants for this TEFL funding is about to begin for courses starting after the 1st October 2013 but before the 31st December 2013.

The support the British Council provides doesn’t finish after you have received the grant – they also aim to provide grant recipients with the career advice and tools they need to forge an amazing career in a fantastic industry. They are not only a source of TEFL funding but also a source of great advice and support and that can make all the difference.

This TEFL funding provides a fantastic opportunity for people who have recently graduated university and who are looking to begin a career in one of the most dynamic and interesting industries around. The British Council grant is one of the most accessible forms of TEFL funding and the grant has helped many people achieve their TEFL certification.

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