TEFL courses – what types of schools teach them?

There are many different types of public, private, and international schools that offer TEFL courses. Public, Private and International institutions offer TEFL courses that give a Teacher further accreditation for teaching English as a foreign language. Most TEFL courses can run anywhere from up to 2 or 3 days to 1 month. Research is the key to finding out the most suitable course and what the course has to offer. First of all you really must ask yourself some questions. Which course should I take and why is it the best –  TEFL, CELTA, DELTA or TESOL. This is up to the individual.

Which course will provide the proper training? It ultimately comes down to choice. Does the course give me a chance to specialise in a particular area of English? Most courses offer specialisations in grammar, business etc. Why is it important to specialise?  This gives you an edge over other Teachers applying for the same jobs. Is an intensive course better than a longer course? There are benefits to both courses. This depends on the individual and how they wish to learn.

Once you have achieved your TEFL certification, you will need to choose which sort of school that offers TEFL courses you would like to teach in. When  looking overseas, you often have a choice between public (what we would call state schools) schools or private schools. In public schools you are likely to be teaching General English to large classes of children, teenagers or young adults. In private schools you may be teaching smaller classes of young adults or adults and perhaps you will be teaching Business English TEFL courses as well as General English TEFL courses.

All in all, there are many options for you once you have compelted your TEFL certification and are looking to begin teaching TEFL courses yourself.

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