TEFL certification – meet your potential classmates!

Posted on July 3, 2013 by admin in Course Experience, Eligibility, Trinity CertTESOL

The people you meet on your journey to TEFL certification will come in all shapes and sizes – there really is no such thing as a typical TEFL or TESOL course student. Whether you are doing a Trinity CertTESOL or a CELTA, in the UK or abroad, the people you will meet on your TEFL or TESOL course will be some of the most interesting you will ever meet – they are often as dynamic and exciting as the TEFL industry itself! Students on TEFL or TESOL courses can be grouped in 4 main groups – Gap Year students, Career Breakers, Retiring teachers and Current teachers looking to further their careers.

TEFL teaching has been a mainstay of Gap Years for many years and its popularity shows no sign of stopping – it is a fantastic way to travel the world and live life in another culture. Students who are on the journey to TEFL certification for a Gap Year tend to have just left school or university and are looking forward to discovering a whole new world in TEFL. Don’t worry – not every Gap Year student fits the stereotype portrayed by the media! Gap Year students on TEFL courses are normally extremely motivated and know that in order  to have the best experience possible travelling, a TEFL certification is an essential.

The economic downturn in the UK has led to many people looking at TEFL certification as a way to retrain and improve their career prospects. People who have been made redundant, are facing cutbacks at the office or are just sick and tired of the daily slog are all looking to the TEFL and TESOL industry to provide job security and a new pace of life. These Career Breakers often bring a wealth of corporate and real life experience and want to add teaching skills to their repertoire to ensure a successful new career. They are often some of the most interesting students in a class as they can add real world experience to the learning environment.

Retiring school teachers in the UK are looking to TEFL certification to provide them with more employment opportunities in their retirement more and more as the cost of living soars and pensions are becoming more unreliable. They have got the classroom experience but often need to get up to date with new methodologies or learn how to transfer their classroom management skills to the TEFL and TESOL industries. These students are teachers who know precisely how to teach in their chosen fields but need the TEFL certification and methodologies to allow them to continue working in the UK and abroad in a vibrant and evolving industry. These students often help providing real life classroom examples for methodologies and can help other students develop their classroom management skills by providing techniques and strategies.

Some students on TEFL or TESOL courses are already teaching and are wanting to improve their methodologies and hone their skills in order to be able to progress in their careers and move on to the next step of the TEFL ladder. These students often come with many stories of life in the TEFL world and are able to help contextualise the methods being learnt in to real life situations. The TEFL certification will enable them to use this real life experience in new situations including language schools in the UK and teaching in public and international schools abroad. These current teachers often provide grounding to the course and help other students to visualise actually teaching.

Everybody who applies for a TEFL or TESOL course is looking to enter into a vibrant, exciting and dynamic industry and therefore they are likely to be vibrant, exciting and dynamic people – exactly the sort of people you’d want to spend 4 weeks of your life with!

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