TEFL certification – achieving your TEFL qualification as a couple!

Posted on August 13, 2013 by admin in Course Experience, TEFL Experience, Trinity CertTESOL

Achieving your TEFL certification opens up a wealth of job opportunities all around the world to you and who better to experience this adventure with than your significant other?

Everybody who studies on a TEFL certification course describes the experience as one of the most intense months of their lives and 4 weeks where they come to rely on their course mates and friends and families as much as possible. To be able to experience this with your partner means you will always have support in the classroom and it enables you to have a constant companion on your journey to TEFL certification.

Your journey in the TEFL industry can continue as a couple once you start looking for work after you have achieved your TEFL certification. Many schools will be looking for more than one teacher in the recruitment period and some schools may even be looking for couples to take on more of a pastoral role alongside their teaching. The contracts offered by these schools will often include accommodation and sometimes even include food and transport. This means your salary can end up being almost totally disposable income – enabling you to travel together and explore new countries and immerse yourselves in new cultures. If you also have a family, your children may be able to attend the school you teach at and this will give them great experience in a new culture, opening their horizons for the future. As a couple you will be able to market yourselves very differently to the majority of TEFL teachers – you can market yourselves as bringing stability and a sense of family to as school – something many schools are looking for.

The lifestyle in the TEFL industry is pretty amazing for anybody but to be able to experience it as a couple with all the support this provides could make it the journey of a lifetime.

Eurospeak offers a special rate for couples wishing to enrol on the Trinity CertTESOL course, please enquire for more details.

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