TEFL Certificate – is it a good financial investment?

Posted on July 30, 2013 by admin in TEFL Jobs, Why TEFL?

A TEFL certificate can be considered a great investment because it helps you to be able to work almost anywhere in the world. There are numerous benefits to getting a TEFL certificate. People that take TEFL have a wish to travel and see parts of the world they could only dream about. With a TEFL certificate the door is wide open to possibilities. Some people that have taken TEFL have learned that when doing Taxes in their home country the receipt can be claimed as a tax credit. This is beneficial because the Teacher can get most of their money back that they invested in the course when they do their taxes further on.

TEFL can give a teacher a chance to earn a large salary and still be able to have quite a good standard of living depending on which country they are teaching in. If you are willing to work in countries in the Middle East and Asia then you can earn good salaries – and often these salaries will be untaxed. Many contracts will also offer you accomodation and this means you are able to keep your living costs low and therefore save a large proportion of your salary. Some people that teach EFL may have student loans or debt to pay off. Some people find it easier going overseas to work to pay off their loans. TEFL gives people to a chance to step back from their lives and take a closer look at the sociology in different educational institutions. People get a chance to experience numerous cultures, languages and develop a lifetime of future relationships. TEFL helps bring those from the developed world in closer contact with the people in the developing world. This gives various different teachers the chance to make comparisons of teaching techniques with use of proper methodologies.


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