Teaching TEFL as a non-native speaker – is it possible?

Posted on July 17, 2013 by admin in Eligibility, Trinity CertTESOL

You might ask if it’s possible to begin teaching TEFL as non-native speakers. There are many people that question this all the time. Britain, Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa all speak English as a first language. These are all multi-cultural countries with people from all over the world. There is a firm belief throughout the world that if you work hard enough teaching TEFL, you will succeed.

Many people have English as their second language, some of them, through perseverance, travel throughout the world teaching TEFL because they have overcome the stereotypes of who can teach the English language. The most important factor is that if you are willing to take it serious and understand the necessary responsibility of teaching TEFL properly. Then the answer is yes! It might take a person several years to acquire the proper degrees and then a 4 week course to achieve your TEFL certification. It goes without saying a person should work very hard at studying English grammar and try their best to replicate proper pronunciation. They must be willing and able to mimic the mannerisms that are an important aspect of interacting socially like a native speaker. It is recommended they study in a country where English is spoken on an everyday basis. A person must try to put themselves in a position where they are integrated with the culture that way they are able to fully understand all the cultural aspects. It is necessary to do this so that when it comes time to begin teaching TEFL they have the actual knowledge and experience to share with their students of what is like to actually live abroad in a country where they speak English. If they do this then they will be able to pass on knowledge with confidence and easily succeed at teaching TEFL when the time comes.

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