Teaching EFL – is it possible with a family?

Posted on July 30, 2013 by admin in Eligibility, TEFL Experience

There are plenty of opportunities to teach EFL overseas after your TEFL certification, even if you wish to bring your family along. There are no restraints against teachers with families. Most schools will ask about personal information beforehand and will ask if you have a family or your marital status.  Not all school are supportive of teachers bring their family with them. It goes without saying it could be a great family experience. Sometimes if children are old enough they may get an opportunity to study at the school where their parent is a teacher. It can be quite positive have your family around, you will have someone to talk to and share your experiences. As a family your will constantly learn new things everyday and be quite supportive of each other. It is particularly interesting for your children if they are able to be immersed completely into a new culture whilst you are teaching in your new EFL job. They will meet lots of new people and perhaps even learn a new language whilst they are doing it!

If you do make a decision to teach overseas, it is extremely important that you look into all the necessary documents such as visas, invitation letters and contract details to make sure that you are able to bring your family along. Teaching EFL as single individual might be the better option and very much the normal circumstance. Not everyone has the ability to pick-up and leave to where they would like to. As opposed to a person who is single –  they are able to deal with most things easily as an individual and concentrate more on the Teaching classes without putting too much stress on other people. Some people prefer to be single and really enjoy the travel lifestyle without attachments.

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