Teaching EFL – at home or abroad?

Posted on July 17, 2013 by admin in TEFL Jobs

There can be enormous amounts of benefits to teaching EFL in your own country as opposed to teaching abroad after you finish your TEFL course. It really depends on the individual.  It takes a lot of talent, motivation and perseverance to get TEFL classes to see their own future. It takes a lot of talent, motivation and perseverance to get TEFL classes to see their own future. A teacher of EFL must effectively push their students to achieve the level they are studying.

When teaching EFL at home, you know how exactly how everything and everyone works on a daily basis. When you’re teaching abroad some experienced and inexperienced teachers go away with high expectations and misconceptions. They have thoughts that everything must revolve around them self, and the whole world stops with them. When really it’s all about your students and ensuring they are learning the English language properly. What most teachers don’t know is that they have to change almost everything about how they deal with people. Not everyone can speak English, so a teacher has to understand they’re competing with a student’s language they use on an everyday basis.

A teacher of EFL mustn’t forget that while they are abroad they must try to integrate into the culture. It is recommended that they learn the basic language of the country they are teaching in. While at the same time as they are teaching they must be highly independent. There are lots of different scenarios that an EFL teacher can encounter. They will surly make lots of friend with other teachers and their students but a Teacher of EFL mustn’t expect everything to be done for them. Some Teachers of EFL try so hard to convince themselves that going aboard to Teach EFL is the right direction for themselves. For those that are not able to adapt quickly or are introverts it is advisable that  they try their best to travel a bit before they make a choice of teaching EFL abroad.


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