Settling In

Posted on July 19, 2013 by Diane in TEFL Experience, Trainee Travels

Taunggyi is  a pretty incredible place . In some ways a town that is moving towards modern times but in other ways steeped in the lifestyle of a byegone era. I don’t have   a mobile phone : SIM cards cost a lot here and I need to weigh up paying tons to just use the internet. Internet itself can be patchyand I remain dependent on using the schools presently.

School is lovely;small classes and helpful teachers and an impressive standard of English from everybody. They are really kind as well and do everything they can to help us feel supported and safe.

Accomodation wonderful. A big house with garden. I was bought  a new bed, bedding etc and stuff like a new fridge and washing machine have also been supplied.

Small downside is the fact that it is located half way up a mountain. Great coming down but a killer going up. I blaming it on the altitude but could be more to do with being unfit and out of condition! I have ccome to terms with the fact I may need to start going to the gym which means another struggle up the hill after working out aarrggghhhhhhh!

Have already seen some prety amazing places and will upload pics and give  a few more details on a day I trust the internet. So more news next time.


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