The Trinity CertTESOL is the first step on a career that can lead you all around the world if that’s what you want. The first thing a school will ask you is ‘Do you have the Trinity Cert or equivalent?’ Make sure you can say yes!

Read the reviews for Eurospeak’s Trinity CertTESOL program –

Ian Patterson - Trinity CertTESOL July-August 2013

“Why Eurospeak I hear to say
When you look for a course to take this day
I’ll tell you why if you will listen
To my testimonial with nothing missin
They work you hard day in day out
Not much sleep there is no doubt
But when all the assignments are in the bag
“I’ve made it” to the world you’ll brag

Then when the Mod arrives from Trinity smiling
And the sweat upon your face is piling
Lawrence is there to calm each nerve
So you will get what you deserve
To pass the course with flying colours
Then you can teach with pride to others
For you have had the best of training
From the best of the best there’s no complaining”

Ulrich Mayer - Trinity CertTESOL April-May 2013

“I did a Trinity CertTESOL course with Eurospeak in Reading in April/May 2013. I was in between jobs and it was a great opportunity for me to get an English teaching qualification. The four-week course is tightly packed with lots of interesting stuff and has a strong focus on hands-on experience. If you have a “can do” attitude and you like getting active immediately, it’s the right thing for you. You’ll get direct feedback for every practice lesson you give and Eurospeak’s staff is a great help in general. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would do it again.”

Martin Ward - Trinity CertTESOL June-July 2013

“I would highly recommend the Trinity TESOL course. The course provides an ideal platform for teaching opportunities across the world and the chance to live an exciting and fulfilling life. I was warned before the course started that it was a lot of work and study and indeed that’s the case but upon completion I was filled with great satisfaction and pride. If you’re serious about becoming an EFL teacher then this is the perfect course for you.”

Lewis Cooper - Trinity CertTESOL May-June 2013

“Once I decided to do a TESOL course I found myself in the daunting position of having to pick a great school from all the possible providers. The two most important elements I was looking for as a potential student were the teachers and the facilities. Eurospeak exceeded my expectations on both fronts. All of my tutors had a minimum of ten years experience and some had many more than that. The facilities at Eurospeak are superb, there are plenty of quiet areas to hide away , you can use the free wifi or to dip in to the ample supply of reference books from the library. I have no hesitation in recommending Eurospeak. I had a wonderful experience on my course, my tutors and classmates brought humour and support to all the proceedings and made it one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done.” 

James Askew - Trinity CertTESOL June-July 2013

“It was with some trepidation that I signed up for the Trinity Cert TESOL at Eurospeak , I knew that the workload would be heavy and that there could be opportunity to embarrass myself in front of a class. These concerns were very quickly put to rest by the course tutors who set everyone at ease and gave us every opportunity to succeed. They were always very professional. The course was great fun and certainly showed me a more engaging way to teach. I have since successfully put these methods into practice. The tutors and staff across the school all provide a welcoming atmosphere, which certainly helps students.”

Anna Taylor - Trinity CertTESOL April-May 2013

“I would say to anyone who’s thinking about it – Just go for it! … It’s intense, but worth it” 

Elaine Rateb - Trinity CertTESOL April-May 2013

“Fantastic experience, Really intense…wouldn’t have swapped it for the world!” 

Diane Bracken - Trinity CertTESOL May-June 2013

“A good course whether new to teaching ESL or wishing to consolidate previous knowledge and experience. Definitely intensive and does require commitment but still a great way to gain knowledge quickly.
Friendly helpful staff, tutors that provide support and encouragement and a good opportunity to teach English learners with a range of abilities. I found it an excellent opportunity to both confirm and re-evaluate previous learnt skills whilst also focussing on areas that needed development.
The experience was made even better by the group I studied with. We were an eclectic bunch who remained supportive and helpful throughout and this really aided the learning experience.” 

Cynthia Govada - Trinity CertTESOL May-June 2013

“When I was looking to do a TESOL course, I came across Eurospeak while searching on the internet. The website was very professional and provided all the details I wanted. They provided me an option to attend one-day foundation course, which I did enthusiastically. And it was worth it! Lawrence’s unknown language sessions helped us to know the problems of learning English as a second/foreign language. He was perfect in teaching using Realia! Guy’s input sessions gave us realistic picture about what TESOL is all about. The feedback sessions from both the tutors helped us to progress throughout the course. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Gaurav and Aditi’s session about future prospects was informative and useful. Finally it was a great learning experience and I would highly recommend!”

Lauren Beech - Trinity CertTESOL June-July 2013

“The TESOL course was everything I had hoped it would be. I had a wonderful first experience teaching; the pupils were lovely, and I was guided every step of the way. Guy and Lawrence were so helpful and are full of knowledge when it comes to teaching English as a foreign language.”

John Cassidy - Trinity CertTESOL July-August 2013

“The certTESOL course is described as intense: what an understatement! It is a hard slog and it will take up your evenings and weekends, so be prepared for a lot of late nights. The tutors’ lessons look seamless and effortless but you will soon appreciate just how much effort is required to do this. Luckily, you’re not alone: the tutors and other Eurospeak staff, your classmates and the students, will all help you get through. By the end you will have a real sense of achievement and be ready to begin to really learn how to teach: by doing it. I definitely recommend Eurospeak for the Trinity CertTESOL.”

Caroline Olley - Trinity CertTESOL April-May 2013

“I’d highly recommend this course to anyone considering teaching of any kind, even outside of EFL. One thing it does is really teach us how to teach. There were plenty of teaching practice opportunities with honest, detailed feedback and it really felt like I was making rapid progress throughout the course. It clear throughout that the tutors were on our side when things got tough and the level of support was outstanding.”

Lincoln Woods - Trinity CertTESOL Aug-Sep 2013

“Eurospeak provide a very lively, cheerful and supportive environment in which to learn. The tutors are all very experienced and are excellent models of how to teach. The support staff, other tutors at Eurospeak, and the students all contributed to making the course rewarding and enjoyable.

The four week TESOL courses is indeed intensive. We were told that you need to give up the rest of your life while doing the course and that is no exageration. Although it is challenging the course was one on the most worthwhile things I have done for a long time. It gives a good, confidence-building grounding in the methodologies and practice of teaching English.”

Lai Ping Lee - Trinity CertTESOL Oct-Nov 2013

“I completed my TrinityCERT TESOL training at Eurospeak in November. Although I had some previous experience teaching English as a foreign language I felt the course helped enhance my knowledge as well as develop and refine my skill set. I learnt so much from the course, which has proven to be invaluable. The staff and students are relaxed and helpful, the trainers are experienced and professional. It was a positive and enriching experience which I would highly recommend to others.”