Our Tutors

The course tutors who will instruct, support and guide you through this worthwhile and extremely enjoyable experience

Lawrence Stuart Shaw

Our Course Director, Lawrence Stuart Shaw, is an English Graduate with a Diploma in Teaching English to Adults (Cambridge DELTA) and over 18 years’ English language teaching experience. He has been a teacher trainer for around 10 years and has worked in the UK, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, France, Slovakia and most recently in Spain.

Eurospeak teacher trainer




A teaching career is a great way to travel the world, encounter new cultures, meet a variety of interesting people and learn languages. And of course, teaching in itself is extremely rewarding as you are helping people improve their language skills and prospects, as well as constantly refining your own skills in the classroom.

Guy Thistlethwaite

Guy is an NQF Level 7 DELTA qualified Teacher Trainer with over 20 years experience as an English teacher and Teacher Trainer. His experience ranges from  EFL Teaching, Business Communication and Skills training, Speaking at Education conferences to Teacher Training. He is extremely passionate about teaching and has lived and worked in Spain for many years. 

Eurospeak Teacher Trainer
I’ve been in teaching for 20 years and I can honestly say that I go to work with a smile on my face every single day. I love teaching and training and have a lot to offer and also a desire to learn and improve.”