Course Outline

Course Content

The 4-week intensive or the 12-week part time Trinity CertTESOL Course at Eurospeak includes:

  • over 90 hours of supervised input in the classroom
  • a minimum of six hours of observed and assessed teaching practice
  • a minimum of four hours of guided observation of classes given by experienced teachers with genuine English language learners
  • the balance of the time timetabled for preparation and private study
  • dedicated placement services and job search guidance/ assistance

The Course is designed around five mandatory units, as follows:

  1. Teaching skills: including the development of appropriate methodology, a minimum amount (6hrs) of teaching practice, the keeping of a related journal, guided observation of experienced teachers and the keeping of a related journal, coursebook and materials evaluation, and methods of assessment and testing in the classroom
  2. Language Awareness (including grammar, vocabulary, phonology)
  3. A Learner Profile: to carry out a student needs analysis via written, oral, listening and reading tasks, to conduct a 1:1 remedial lesson to try to meet some of those needs and to create a study plan for the future
  4. A Materials assignment: a compilation of two pieces of material and accompanying tasks, which you have used in Teaching Practice along with a written rationale for your choice of materials and the way you developed them plus an evaluation of their effectiveness
  5. Unknown Language: a journal reflecting your experience on being taught in an unknown language during the first week of the course


The intensive course runs from 0900-1700hrs, Monday to Friday at our fully equipped centre in Reading. This includes an hour long lunch break between 1300hrs to 1400hrs. We try to be as flexible as possible with your needs too!

The part-time course runs over 12 weeks with classes held from 1800-2130hrs on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.