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Posted on July 30, 2013 by admin in TEFL Jobs

If you have become a qualified TEFL teacher there are plenty of accredited schools all over the UK – perhaps with the perfect TEFL job waiting for you. The first step would be to check and see if you have all requirements to go through the initial application process. Most schools are looking for applicants to have a University degree and one of the many certificates (TEFL, CELTA or TESOL) that helps to qualify them further to teach English as a foreign language. As for where a person can teach in the UK, It depends on many factors and that is entirely up to the individual.

One the first steps that is recommended is to do research about certificate you would like to take, starting with the British council website. this will give you general ideas about new and available contract possibilities. There are many TEFL job websites that can be found on the internet that will give you essential information on what jobs are available in the UK. Many of these websites can be quite informative and should be able provide all the necessary information needed to find the best possible TEFL job in the United Kingdom.

In the UK there are three main employers of TEFL teachers – private language schools, further education colleges and universities. Private language schools will generally run from September to June with a summer school from the beginning of June to the end of August. These schools will normally offer General English and exam classes and are very much run as a business. A TEFL job in a private language school can be amazingly rewarding as you can meet such a broad variety of people who come both from within the EU and from the wider world.

A TEFL job in a further education college can be very rewarding too. In FE colleges, students are often people who have been settled in the UK for some time and want to improve their language skills. If you want to look for a TEFL job in a university, experience is normally essential. At a university you will most likely be teaching foreign students in Academic English to prepare them for their university studies.

There is a great variety in the TEFL job market even within the UK – it is almost certain that you will find the perfect TEFL job for you!


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