CertTESOL Course at Eurospeak Reading – Review by Ed

Climbing in Kazakhstan

Climbing in Kazakhstan

Eursospeak Reading has a new CertTESOL course; one starting on the 14th of July, and one beginning on the 18th of August (see end of article for links to the pages).

Why do a CertTESOL I hear you ask – well, it is a teaching qualification that opens many doors in the world for you. I, myself did a TESOL course one year ago and have been working in Kazakhstan, I now have the opportunity to work in nearly any country I choose – just because I have a TESOL course.

That's why we need English teachers in Kazakhstan

Why we need English teachers in Kazakhstan


TESOL is similar to TEFL in that it is a teaching course and with this certificate you can work abroad as a qualified teacher of English. But, a Trinity TESOL course is more advanced and classed higher on the academic because for the first week of the course you are required to learn a foreign Language – I learned Czech (very interesting!). The point of this is so that you learn how to teach a foreign Language (which will be English in your future) without knowing any of the local Language (so our teacher only spoke in Czech for the lessons). I found this really interesting and helpful when I first moved to Kazakhstan.

Outing in Kazakhstan

Amazing landscape!

You are required to do one test at the end of the course along with a discussion with the examiner about your coursework. Eurospeak has a very high pass rate and the teachers i had i couldn’t speak highly enough of. Everyone here was happy to help and the teachers gave us advice about writing coursework (which isn’t like hundreds of pages so don’t worry). The course simply runs for a month and as the month goes on have to teach groups of students – here we have many nationalities which makes it easier to teach.


Ed King – Trinity CertTESOL at Eurospeak

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