Best use of University summer holidays – a 4 week CertTESOL course!

Posted on July 3, 2013 by admin in Course Experience, Why TEFL?

Finals have been finished, balls have been attended and houses have been emptied, summer has finally arrived and with it comes a big question – how to spend the hundreds of hours of free time you suddenly have? A Trinity CertTESOL course may hold all the answers.

In these uncertain economic times, a university degree is no longer enough to guarantee employment – with the Trinity CertTESOL qualification you will be able to walk straight in to rewarding and meaningful work. Instead of having to do the usual student nightmares of bar and retail work during the long holidays, you could be working in a dynamic and thriving industry where anything is possible. TEFL certification opens up the world for you – you will be able to work in any city in any country across the globe right after graduation. No internships, no work experience, no scraping by on minimum wage. The course will provide you with everything you need to start teaching English in summer schools and full time language schools in the UK and abroad.

TEFL is one of the most varied industries that you can enter. Whether you want to teach in the UK or Europe, South America or Asia, Africa or the Middle East, the opportunity is there for you to take. If you want to work in a summer school or a language school, an international school or a primary school, with businesses or with private students, that opportunity will be open for you. The choices and opportunities are almost unlimited in variety. Not only that, but as an industry it allows you to make a difference. There is no greater gift you can give somebody than the gift of language – being able to do that every day of your life is pretty special.

TEFL as an industry attracts some of the most interesting people in the world – people who enjoy travelling and experiencing new and different cultures. On a 4 week TEFL or TESOL certification course you will meet some of the most interesting people you’ve ever met and will have 4 weeks to exchange stories and experiences of life abroad. These people will be your companions on the journey to TEFL certification and the intensity of the course means they will soon become firm friends – and in the case of many students’ friends for life. They become your support network in your first few weeks and months of teaching and are invaluable whilst you are climbing the first few rungs of the ladder.


To summarise, with a 4 week Trinity CertTESOL course, you can get a qualification that will immediately allow you to work in a thriving industry in your university summer holidays and provide you with a career that will afford you the opportunity of working internationally and making a difference in your students’ lives.


What better way to spend your university summer holidays?

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