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Posted on July 19, 2013 by Diane in TEFL Experience, Trainee Travels

Well after losing the link, sending emails that may well have never arrived and then discovering the joys of being back on line I can now (at long last) write with a bit more regularity.

It is  very different here in Myanamar, Thailand may have put me in good stead for dealing with new cultures and being sensitive to Asian formality and reserve but the expereince itself is a new one for me.  Thailand is ultimately easier to assimilate into I feel. Just the access to taxi bikes, shops and technical stuff alone makes one realise how these things make the world much easier.

Having walked a good 30 minutes down hill to what is called the local supermarket last Sunday ( but please erase supermarket and lets aim for mini mart) and then back up hill ( again scrub hill and go for mountain slope) with four heavy plastic bags in the increasing rain,  I firmly believe  life takes on  a new perspective.

My school is brilliant, the children and staff are lovely with an amazing level of spoken and written English. It has been an excellent step for me as it is far from being purely an ESL placement but more an opportunity to really be an English teacher.  It is quite  a shock  to be faced  with students with such an ability having been used to teaching the basics. No more ABC games, this is serious stuff. Poetry, comprehension, script writing, grammar and extensive vocabulary. Scaffolding and eliciting plays it part but now it’s  in terms of developing  the students abilites to decode and become able to write stories, appreciate literature and recognise different genres. Just think I have first year primary predicting story endings, second years  identifying paragraph structures and third years looking at indirect and direct speech  and creating plays from stories with no dialogue!

With my first long weekend coming up  which will give me the opportunity to walk my surrounding intensively and try to get a better sense of  location I will also be found reviewing the scheme of work to ensure that I do actually tie in all the required components. Well thats if I havent passed out on the side of the road as there is one particulalry lung bursting , blood pumping incline that will have to be tackled  if I walk as much as I plan to.

So oxygen willing I will be back with the next installment very soon!

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