A Good Weekend in Myanmar

Posted on August 11, 2013 by Diane in TEFL Experience, Trainee Travels

Must be settling in more and finding my feet. A new teacher has arrived and is clearly someone who is willing to find out about new things which is great for me as I like to do that too. So have now ventured out to two new places.  There is a little shop that’s not too far where people go to eat and drink . You can almost  imagine yourself in some mountain side rest station as the building is long with high slatted windows and everyone sits in their coats. Second bonus was discovering the local noodle and tofu cream shop which is a  really tasty breakfast dish. Definitely worth  dragging myself up the mountain side for in the mornings. It really is my most favourite thing to eat.  Yes tofu that is really creamy on top of soft noodles with chilli and pickled vegetable garnish. Washed down with smokey tea. Lovely!

Attempted to buy a cardigan at the market yesterday with no success as now it appears that even my arms are the wrong size here so clearly need to stock up in Thailand before the winter sets in. But have bought a hat because at least my head is  a universal size.

Going to invite some of the local teachers round for  a meal later. They can be guinea pigs for my attempt to make chickpea flat bread and a Myanmar vegetable curry. Fingers crossed!

Food is obviously  a big focus in life  but on  a more teacher based level sitting here practicing my phonetic pronunciation in readiness for  a spot of training.

Attempting to post some pics now so lets see how it goes…………………………..



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