A Day in the Life of a TEFL Teacher

Posted on July 30, 2013 by admin in TEFL Experience

The day in the life of a TEFL teacher can be particularly interesting. Most TEFL teacher colleagues will be quite versatile and will have had many different experiences in their lives. This often helps with their methodologies and approach in the classroom. Some people live with the illusion that this might not be the best career option. It has many highs and lows like any job in the world but what is most fascinating about a day in the life of TEFL teacher is that there is always something interesting happening in the classroom.

The main goal is to constantly work towards getting students to progress with their language skills. Every day is not always serious and the main idea is the encourage students to have fun when learning the English language as well as getting proper results.  This is done through frequent testing and gives both the student and teacher confidence that there has been considerable improvement. A TEFL teacher might be working in the morning or maybe in the afternoon at a variety of different businesses or institutions. This can be very helpful with lesson preparation depending on the teacher and when or where they are teaching. A TEFL teacher may be teaching a variety of different English courses that are elementary, intermediate, advanced level.

There are specialty courses that can be taught that help to qualify students to study overseas like IELTS and TOEFL. Business English is another one of the courses that can be taught in order for a person to advance their business vocabulary in the workplace. There are many University English language lecturing positions available as well. Some TEFL teacher colleagues work in different countries and have the possibility of teaching in remote areas which means they will get to see different parts of the countries that most people don’t often get to visit. There are intensive English courses that can be taught as well that can be tailor made for individuals or groups.

It is difficult to say what is a typical day in the life of a TEFL teacher – however one thing is for certain – every day is different for a TEFL teacher.

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