TEFL certification – 10 reasons why it is an amazing career choice!

Posted on July 2, 2013 by admin in Trinity CertTESOL, Why TEFL?

TEFL certification is one of the best career choices you can make – here are our top 10 reasons for choosing a career in TEFL.

  1. TEFL certification allows you to travel the world, earning money as you go.
  2. With a TEFL certification you can settle anywhere in the world – in any city, in any country, anywhere across the world.
  3. The TEFL industry is dynamic and exciting providing thousands of different opportunities
  4. TEFL therefore attracts dynamic and exciting people – your colleagues and classmates on the Trinity CertTESOL course will be some of the most interesting people you ever meet
  5. The TEFL industry is not only exciting but also recession proof. People will always want and need to learn English and this is no different during times of economic uncertainty – in fact a downturn often means an increase in students as people have to be more competitive in the job market.
  6. Teaching English in the TEFL industry allows you to really make a difference in your students’ lives which means a rewarding and satisfying working life
  7. The TEFL industry is ever changing and no two days will ever be the same for you. There is almost unlimited variety available to you – something that cannot be said for many careers.
  8. You can start working almost straight away – achieving your Trinity CertTESOL course takes 4 weeks and you can begin work immediately after completing the course.
  9. When you begin working in the TEFL industry, you have so many choices for you first career move – summer schools in the UK, language schools at home and abroad, teaching in primary and secondary schools abroad and even private tuition.
  10. The TEFL industry provides almost endless opportunities for career progression. After two years teaching experience you can study for your DELTA qualification which will allow you to move in to teacher training and director of study positions. Even if you do not want to stay in schools or the classroom forever, you can move in to TEFL content creation and publishing. There is a career path for you available for you to carve out in the TEFL industry.

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